What is "1000 Breaths"

On the last day of the year in 2010 and 2011, a special event called "1000 Breaths" awakened audiences to their own innate power of freedom as well as supported a movement to free the enslaved children trapped into a prostituted lifestyle they do not truly choose.

What started as the 1000 Breaths fundraiser event has become a movement for the freedom of us all. This blog expands now to encompass all the good works being done in the name of "freedom for all" as heard on the "FREEDOM FOR ALL" Internet Radio show.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Nikki Jo Junker - A Voice of Hope

Today held great promise, great potential and great hope.
Today, we did some extensive filming for the documentary "Indoctrinated - The Heartbreak and the Healing of our Prostituted Youth" - the purpose for our 1000 Breaths fundraiser.
The lovely, authentic and open Nikki Jo Junker, Executive Director of "With More than Purpose," walked the grounds where she experienced the pain of being manipulated and used in sexual exploitation. We went downtown, Harbor Island and North Park filming her as she narrated painful parts of her life. What a generous young lady - to be willing to be so vulnerable and expressive so that other girls are not hurt in the same way.
Appreciation can not be matched in words.
Her mother also spoke with us in an interview.
It was so touching to see that mother-daughter connection, knowing that this daughter is now safe and secure at home.

NOTE: Nikki Jo Junker will be speaking at the 1000 Breaths event on December 31 at 11 am PST.


  1. This cause has great meaning to so many of us. The abuse of these children needs to be stopped, and one way of doing that is raising awareness, which is what we're doing right now.