What is "1000 Breaths"

On the last day of the year in 2010 and 2011, a special event called "1000 Breaths" awakened audiences to their own innate power of freedom as well as supported a movement to free the enslaved children trapped into a prostituted lifestyle they do not truly choose.

What started as the 1000 Breaths fundraiser event has become a movement for the freedom of us all. This blog expands now to encompass all the good works being done in the name of "freedom for all" as heard on the "FREEDOM FOR ALL" Internet Radio show.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Better Days

Ahhhhh, can you feel it?
It's going to be better days... and it's going to be now.
This song and video send me to a place of hope and forgiveness.
"Cause everyone's forgiven now."
Let's all remember our innocence...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

We were on the radio!

Jim and I were on Angelica Harris' Blog talk radio show "Your Writing, Your Life" talking about the cause of ending child prostitution. It got such a huge response. While we were on the air, people were instant messaging her from places such as Germany, France, Italy. So exciting to go global... just like we envisioned!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Former Child Sex Slave and Anti-Slavery Advocate Finds Freedom

Although this article was published a year ago, it is a great success story and relative to the cause.  You can also find it Here.

Former Child Sex Slave and Anti-Slavery Advocate,
Maria Suarez Finally Finds Freedom

   LOS ANGELES, CA (November 10, 2009) - After decades of captivity and imprisonment by her trafficker, the state of California, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, human trafficking survivor Maria Suarez finally found freedom on August 11, 2009 when she was granted a long awaited US green card.

  Two weeks after arriving in California from Mexico, 15-year old Maria was lured from her home by the promise of employment and sold for $200. Her captor enslaved Maria and repeatedly raped, battered, and tortured her for over five years.

  In 1981 she was unjustly implicated in the homicide of her captor and spent 22 and a half years in prison before the California Board of Prison Terms reinvestigated her case and determined that Maria was the victim of extreme violence, abuse, and torture at the hands of her captor, and recommended her release. Though she was a legal resident before the crime took place, immigration laws amended in 1996 provide for the deportation of legal permanent residents convicted of certain crimes. As a consequence, Maria was released from prison only to be detained for deportation by the Department of Homeland Security.

  Four lawyers, Jessica Dominguez, Charles Song, Brigit Alvarez and Andres Bustamante came together to fight for Maria's release. Then California Representative, Hilda Solis -- now Secretary of Labor -- rallied 31 other members of Congress to sign a letter to Tom Ridge and Undersecretary for Border and Transportation, Asa Hutchinson, urging them to help Maria stay in the US. She was released with a T-Visa for victims of Human Trafficking, which expired in 2007, and until now, she remained in danger of deportation.

  Since her release from prison and immigration custody in 2004, Maria works as a counselor and educator for domestic violence victims and offenders. Her joyful presence and loving nature has made her a compelling and dynamic advocate of rights for survivors of trafficking and battered women.

  Maria has served as a speaker at national conferences and legislative hearings including the XXVI Border Governors Conference – “Fight Against Human Trafficking” forum, where she was personally invited by moderator Maria Shriver the UC Berkeley Conference on Human Trafficking and the UCLA Speaker Series. She has appeared on countless television programs such as Dr. Phil and El Show de Cristina, and is featured in several trafficking documentaries, including an upcoming feature documentary about her life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Instructions for Wednesday's Radio Show - 11/24/10

Jim and I will be interviewed tomorrow 11/24/10 at 5 pm PST by bestselling fiction author Angelica Harris who is also an advocate for children. She saw the Indoctrinated promo video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfzYVjHtol0) which touched her so much she wanted to immediately assist us in getting the word out about 1000 Breaths... the historical fundraiser event that will ensure this important documentary is made and reaches parents and children nationwide. To listen to the show live or later, the show will automatically load when you go to this link at 5 pm PST or thereafter: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angelicaharris/2010/11/25/guests-jim-ellis-and-jennifer-geronimo-producers-o

More exciting news!

The buzz gets bigger every day! Tomorrow, November 24th at 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST, Jim and I will be guests on the radio show Your Life, Your Writing. The show is hosted by Angelica Harris. To listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angelicaharris/2010/11/25/guests-jim-ellis-and-jennifer-geronimo-producers-o

Update to the EVENT!!! Great News!

Here is the latest UPDATE on the 1000 Breaths event.
It's all good news...
In the hands of the universe...

1. We have 100 registrations / yesses set to go, with a goal of 150 by Thanksgiving.

2. We have 25 (and counting) Breathwork facilitators ready to go for the day!

And last but not least...

3. We have received word from Karl Anthony (www.karlanthony.com) that he is interested in attending and performing! He recently finished recording a song "Breathe" which he could perform. Synchronicity at work!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


What a blessing it is...
  • This event that is coming up on the last day of the year, December 31.
  • Those gathering together - all across the country - to co-create healing sessions for the mending of our hearts and minds.
  • Those taking part - in 21 countries so far - tuning in on Internet radio on that auspicious morning.
  • The vision that children - once at risk of being lured by the careless - are freed with the awareness offered by a special film that reaches them at their middle schools.
A blessing
A calling
A return

We will return - from a state of fear, anxiety, stress - to a sense of inner peace and calm.
We will return our children - from the streets - to a haven of warmth, care and safety.

For this initial post, I wanted to share some of the higher visions.
It will be more than an event December 31, 2010 - in San Diego and simulcast everywhere.
1000 Breaths will be about freedom for us all.

Jim Ellis
CoProducer - 1000 Breaths