What is "1000 Breaths"

On the last day of the year in 2010 and 2011, a special event called "1000 Breaths" awakened audiences to their own innate power of freedom as well as supported a movement to free the enslaved children trapped into a prostituted lifestyle they do not truly choose.

What started as the 1000 Breaths fundraiser event has become a movement for the freedom of us all. This blog expands now to encompass all the good works being done in the name of "freedom for all" as heard on the "FREEDOM FOR ALL" Internet Radio show.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Jim and Jennifer welcomed Heidi Thompson to the show today. It was a good one! So much good information and helpful pointers for us all.

Heidi has been practicing breath awareness for thirty years. After experiencing more health, peace, and focus in her own life, she pioneered a breath awareness program for children called Mindmastery in 1996. Heidi was one of the first to introduce breath awareness into British Columbia public schools. She has recently written a book called Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness, which offers a comprehensive and practical learning and teaching guide for adults and children. Heidi Thompson’s book, Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness – A Practical Guide for Adults and Children is available on her website: www.calmfocusjoy.com or through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through bookstores.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

On Monday while we were in the presence of a divine spiritual teacher Amma we taped a wonderful show with Larry Kelley. It aired today!

Amazing dialogue about the USA and its common attributes to the fallen civilization Roman Empire. If you are interested in how this country is progressing or regressing, tune into this show. Larry is quite the researcher, and has reviewed trends that have taken place over centuries, to show us where we are and where we could be heading.

Larry’s life was utterly changed by 9/11. On the day after the attacks, on his way to work, he was struck by the sudden realization that World War III had commenced. Like most Americans he desperately wanted to find out who were these people who attacked us, what could ordinary citizens do to join the battle and how can those plotting to kill us in future attacks be defeated. Mr. Kelley has written scores of columns on the dangers of western complacency. In his tenure as a political commentary writer, he has made a significant impact.

His feature articles have appeared in the Piedmont Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Human Events, and Townhall Magazine. Two of his articles were featured on the cover of Townhall Magazine. He wrote an Op-ed which appeared in the liberal San Francisco Chronicle a month before Obama was inaugurated entitled, A Second New Deal is a Recipe for Disaster. Two and half years later, on August 6, 2011, the Chronicle ran the front-page headline--S&P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating. The result of ten years of research, his book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, contains the answers the above questions he asked in the wake of 9/11. His book has already received critical praise as a saga which begins on the plane of Marathon in 490 BC and whose main character is Western Civilization. His website:  http://larrykelley.com

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our surprise topic today was the mending of the father-child relationship, just in time for Father's Day. Our surprise guest was cohost Jim Ellis, Communications Director of the international men's organization MDI. Jim, along with a number of other MDI members, is facilitating a special "Legacy Letter-writing Campaign" the day before Father's Day, Saturday, June 15, 2013 between 11 and 3 pm PST. The purpose is to inspire fathers to directly communicate their pride to their children, as well as give children a chance to honor their fathers, through the written word. Though the virtual "event" can take place wherever participants are located around the nation and world, a local letter-writing station will be set up at San Diego's Balboa Park, south of the fountain between the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center and the Natural History Museum near Park Blvd.

Event Facebook Page found on www.LegacyProductions.org

Event Blog
- www.fathershonor.blogspot.com




Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today we welcomed to the show Ronnie Das, host of the Eco TV Show "How Can I Help? : San Diego." We spoke about ways people can do their part in becoming eco-conscious and sustainable. Fascinating talk about focusing on solution rather than the negative.

Originally growing up in Lakewood, CA. Ronnie graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Environmental Systems/ Environmental Policy. A combined interest in the community and environment created a leader and leading advocate of sustainability both nationally and internationally.

Currently he is hosting the Eco TV Show "How Can I Help? : San Diego" which explores how local businesses and non-profit organizations are using green practices and sustainable solutions to help the community. Ronnie's goal is striving to make the world a better place while exploring the individual voice of the people and organizations that are making a difference.