What is "1000 Breaths"

On the last day of the year in 2010 and 2011, a special event called "1000 Breaths" awakened audiences to their own innate power of freedom as well as supported a movement to free the enslaved children trapped into a prostituted lifestyle they do not truly choose.

What started as the 1000 Breaths fundraiser event has become a movement for the freedom of us all. This blog expands now to encompass all the good works being done in the name of "freedom for all" as heard on the "FREEDOM FOR ALL" Internet Radio show.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Merry Christmas Show

At this sacred time of Christmas, we celebrate the holiday with Grace Kellogg who speaks from her experience as a Christian. Grace was raised in Orange County and comes from a family of five. After high school she attended college at Hope International University and will be graduating with a degree in Cross-Cultural Business with a minor in Bible in the spring. In her spare time she loves to hike, play soccer and read.  She attends Stonebridge Christian Church and is also involved in their children's ministry.
To hear today's show that will inspire you not only on Christmas but any day you can listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomforall/2015/12/25/the-merry-christmas-show

Friday, December 18, 2015

Healer’s Hands, Healer’s Heart

Today we spoke with Dr. Gloria Kaye. An energy specialist, hands-on healer and pioneer of yoga therapy for the past 30 years, Dr. Kaye has “touched” the lives of thousands of clients. Working in conjunction with physicians and healthcare practitioners, Dr. Kaye has built a successful practice in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Her clients include well-known personalities, professional athletes, business executives, senior citizens, families, and even adolescents and young children. Dr. Kaye integrated pain management and healing into her practice in the early 1990s, working alongside physicians in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. She lectured on the Healing Touch to first-year medical students at UCLA School of Medicine in the late 1990s. Through the combination of hands-on healing and the practical application of yoga to medical complaints (yoga therapeutics), Dr. Kaye has successfully treated clients with various medical conditions, including arthritis, backaches, migraines, muscle pain, inflammation, sprains, scoliosis and tendonitis. Her comprehensive approach to each case produces dramatic changes in an individual’s mobility, strength, flexibility, and overall health. She has also attended clients in the cancer unit at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, and travels extensively to visit her clients, who are located around the U.S. Dedicated to enlightening the public about energetic healing, Dr. Kaye believes that her treatments effectively complement drugs, traditional therapy, physical therapy, and surgery. Many of her clients seek her help after having tried other forms of treatment without success. Dr. Kaye is author of the book, "Healer’s Hands, Healer’s Heart."

Friday, December 11, 2015

Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life

If it's December 11, it must be Marney!
Today was a replay of our December 12, 2014 show with Marney Makridakis. Marney is the author of Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life and founder of the online community ArtellaLand.com. Her first book, Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life, hit #1 on Amazon’s bestseller lists in several categories. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Visit her online at http://www.ArtellaLand.com

Friday, December 4, 2015

Peace Corps

Today we spoke with Jason Connors, who just returned to the United States on November 8 after serving 27 months in the Peace Corps in the South Pacific island of Tonga.
Jason is a native San Diegan, who for over 20 years has worked onstage and offstage at local theatres as an actor, playwright, director, composer, sound designer, and musician. He has received awards from San Diego Theatre Critics Circle, KPBS, and San Diego Playbill for his acting and original plays. In 2013, after graduating from UCSD, Jason took a break from theatre and quit his day job as a teacher's aid in a classroom which serves students with developmental disabilities, and joined the Peace Corps with his companion, Emily Merchant. In the Kingdom of Tonga, they worked at a primary school teaching English and collaborating with local counterparts to increase "student-centered" teaching practices.
During his time in the Peace Corps, he and Emily helped develop new, easy-to-read English literacy books that were about Tongan life, illustrated by local artists. Jason also started a reading program in the nation's capital at one of the country's only public libraries which saw attendance and library visits quadruple since the program began. Jason's experience in the Peace Corps was an extension of a core belief in the goodness and generosity of all people and his desire to build community: a community of theatre-goers, a community of readers, a community of peaceful and thoughtful humanity.