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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breadcrumbs: Poems & Prose Designed to Lead You Home

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Writer Leads Readers Home with New Book for National Poetry Month

It says it all right there in the dedication: “Dedicated to words, which saved my life.”

So writes San Diego author James Anthony Ellis in his new book “Breadcrumbs: Poems & Prose Designed to Lead You Home” (CreateSpace 2012). A collection of 101 poems written over the last 20 years, the book is published with the author’s expressed intention to lead readers to a state of freedom, love and joy. In a word, Ellis wants to lead readers “home,” a state of mind he has searched for his entire creative career.

Ellis is publishing his book to coincide with April’s National Poetry Month. Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, the designated national acknowledgement is held every April, when publishers, booksellers, libraries, schools and poets around the country band together to celebrate poetry and its place in American culture.

Ellis’ title “Breadcrumbs” was taken from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, referring to the breadcrumbs that Hansel leaves on a trail in order for both he and Gretel to find their way home out of the dangerous woods. Their major obstacle: hungry birds.

The obstacles Ellis overcame to complete the book included believing in his self-worth and expression, both of which were bolstered by an ability to write.

“I remember being a kid with a lot I wanted to get across to my folks and friends, but without the ability to speak it,” he says. “The outlet of writing was my one saving grace, and that turned to poetry when I really wanted to reach deep.”

“Breadcrumbs” includes poems separated into chapters such as “Love Poems,” “Heartbreak and Humanity” and “Freedom.” They range in style and theme, from the first poem Ellis wrote at the age of 10 called “The Clock of My Life” to a poem he wrote in October 2011 called “He was One of our Own” in honor of a friend who passed away.

The book is available on Amazon.com and at bookstores everywhere. To order online, click HERE.

About the Author
James Anthony Ellis is a writer, producer and filmmaker living in Southern California. His first book, Starting Point; A Guide to Metaphysics, the Golden Time and Love, was initially published in 1989. Other books include Life Traveler, Tears, and Preparing For the Best; A Guide to Earth Changes in 2012. James also pens The Creative Collaborative, a monthly internet newsletter that announces available writings, upcoming special events and anything he finds pertinent in the moment. To receive a copy of the newsletter or to contact James about his books, see www.LegacyProductions.org.