What is "1000 Breaths"

On the last day of the year in 2010 and 2011, a special event called "1000 Breaths" awakened audiences to their own innate power of freedom as well as supported a movement to free the enslaved children trapped into a prostituted lifestyle they do not truly choose.

What started as the 1000 Breaths fundraiser event has become a movement for the freedom of us all. This blog expands now to encompass all the good works being done in the name of "freedom for all" as heard on the "FREEDOM FOR ALL" Internet Radio show.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jim and Jennifer talked about the ultimate in freedom with author and healer Belinda Farrell. Belinda is a courageous woman who shares personal woes (loss of a son, the loss of all her money, her diagnosis she would never walk again) so that others may find strength on their own journey. She lights the path of hope, brightens the realm of despair and embraces the act of survival. Cal-Berkeley graduate, Mom, Snow White character, almost CIA agent, stunt car driver, actor, writer, fire walker, Huna teacher, wild dolphin swim guide, she's a New Millennial Renaissance woman offering good health and holistic healing. Her new book "Find Your Friggin' Joy" is not for the faint of heart, but a manual for those brave enough to confront their demons, face their feelings, and exalt their potential. This book takes you on a journey using Ancient Hawaiian Teachings that invite the reader to take personal responsibility to unplug from the old non-productive stories and step into the frequencies of their Higher Self. Connecting with these frequencies can heal your physical body, bring you back into balance, lighten your load, and fulfill your soul's purpose. It's all up to YOU! Belinda healed herself, and now provides a pathway for others to heal themselves, find themselves and find their friggin' joy. Hear her speak of these empowering techniques and her empowered path on our show. To listen in: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomforall/2013/01/18/guest-belinda-farrell
Her website: http://www.HunaHealing.com

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